Project Description

Mathematics B.S. ’16

Mathematics Teacher at Wolcott High School


“Education teaching methods have transformed to meet the needs of remote, hybrid, and in-person learning during the COVID-19 pandemic at all levels. As a high school mathematics teacher, I have always leveraged technology in my lessons through videos I have made, online mathematical platforms for discovery-based learning, and some digital practice activities.  However, this pandemic has changed the most important components of my teaching style: face-to-face interaction with my students and the ability to continuously check their work progress to give immediate feedback and encouragement. With the transition to the full remote and hybrid learning models, I have adapted my practice to expand my use of some old and new online mathematical platforms to provide feedback and check student progress while communicating over Google Meet. During this pandemic, I was also named Wolcott High School Teacher of the Year 2020. My experiences at Southern as a part of the Mathematics Education program, a NCAA volleyball student-athlete, and a member of the Dean of the School of Education’s Student Leadership Group prepared me with the skills to successfully adapt my teaching style to meet the needs of all students in all learning environments during COVID-19. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge, skills, and support provided to me at Southern from the professors, faculty, and coaches!”