Project Description

B.S. ’82, M.S. ’89,

Physical Education and Health Teacher, Dodd Middle School


“The pandemic has had both a positive and challenging impact on my instruction. I have adapted my lesson planning and instruction to meet the needs of both remote and in-person learners in the classroom, gymnasium, and outside playing fields as a health and physical education teacher. In addition, I have implemented protocols to keep my students safe by being mindful of social distancing, mask-wearing, minimizing shared equipment, and sanitization of hands and equipment at the end of each class. The pandemic has positively impacted my health instruction by leading to the implementation of new online learning platforms as well as to the utilization of cameras and sound systems for synchronous learning. This allows all students both in class and remote equal access to the educational experience. However, I still miss the ability to work with my students by their desk providing individualized instruction. Additionally, I have created my own YouTube channel for my physical education remote learners with a variety of exercise workout videos that differentiate for student fitness level and interest. This provides remote learners with the opportunity to still receive my physical education instruction and improve their level of fitness while at home. Half of the gymnasium is being used as a lunch room space, making planning difficult for those class periods impacted. Yet it has given students the opportunity to be community contributors by helping to set up and clear the individual desks and folding chairs used during lunch.”