M.S. ’19

School Counselor, Staples High School


“Being a school counselor this year has looked visually different, but my role itself is very much the same. I am still working to support students in whatever way they need. Working through the pandemic has sparked many challenges—one of which being how we engage students this year, especially when they have been experiencing heightened anxiety. I think the priority for me and for [other counselors] in our department is really reaching out and showing our students that, while we are not physically in our office, we can still be virtually present with them and support them through whatever they are dealing with. I think this pandemic has truly highlighted the wide variety of how students learn. Some of our students are thriving with remote learning, and some really need that presence within the school building. We have become more savvy with the technology we use in our lessons and stepped out of our comfort zones to keep lessons engaging. In all honesty, even with the pandemic, I wouldn’t change a thing—I love what I do!”